Skills for a Life Time

4-H focuses on developing skills for a lifetime. A skill is a learned ability to do something well. Life skills are abilities that individuals learn which help them to be successful in living a productive and satisfying life. Portfolio Pathways uses the Targeting Life Skill Model and focuses on four life skills, one in each area of Thinking, Being, Relating, and Working.

Self-esteem or Positive Identity – Pride in oneself; valuing oneself; understanding one’s abilities, strengths, and limitations; realistic assessment.

Self-motivation – Able to make the effort needed to carry out a task or plan; inspiring oneself to take action.

Communicating – Exchange of thoughts, information, or messages between individuals; sending and receiving information using speech, writing, gestures, and artistic expression.

Problem Solving – Clearly identifying a problem and a plan of action for resolution of the problem.

Targeting Life Skills Model by Patricia A. Hendricks, Ph.D., Iowa State University Extension, 1998


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