Journaling CD
Service Learning Journaling

Service Learning Journaling

Journaling plays an important role in the service learning project because reflection is such an important part of the service learning project.

A journal is more than just recording what you did for your service learning project on a particular day. A journal should help you answer the question – “so what?”

It gives you a place to think about things like:
  1. How can I do something better? In a different way?
  2. How did my actions today help me reach toward my project goal?
  3. How did I communicate today?
  4. My work today helped a few, but the need I want to address in my community is so much bigger. Do my actions really matter?
  5. The person I met today at the project site needs help with so many things. How do I know that these people won’t be right back at the charity’s door again tomorrow? Do my actions help them get out of a cycle of need, or keep them there?
  6. What kind of person do I want to be? Did I live out my values today?
  7. What will my actions in the future be?

The Journaling CD is designed to help you and provides journaling questions for each activity in the youth guides. Try to write one journal page after completing each activity in the youth guide or after a session at your service learning project site.

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